What is nestle?

  • (verb): Position comfortably.
    Synonyms: snuggle
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... Nestlé's products include baby food, bottled water, breakfast cereals, coffee, confectionery, dairy products, ice cream, pet foods and snacks. 29 of Nestlé's brands have annual sales of over 1 billion Swiss francs (about $ 1.1 billion), including Nespresso, Nescafé, KitKat, Smarties, Nesquik, Stouffer's, Vittel, and Maggi ...

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Henri Nestlé - Early Life - Family
... The Nestle family has its origin in southern Swabian Germany, predominantly in the boroughs of the Black Forest as Dornstetten, Freudenstadt, Mindersbach, Nagold and ... In the Swabian dialect "Nestle" is a small bird's nest ... The name of Nestle also has different variations of it which include Nästlin, Nästlen, Nestlin, Nestlen, and Niestle ...
Nestlé - Selected Awards, Certifications and Rankings
... Places to Launch a Career." BusinessWeek ranked Nestle USA #25 on their annual list of the best companies for new college graduates to launch their careers ...
Eberhard Nestle - Life
... Nestle was a son of the upper tribunal procurator (Obertribunalprokurator) Christian Gottlieb Nestle and his wife Sophie Beate Kleinmann ... second marriage was classical philologist Wilhelm Nestle ... Nestle studied in the University of Tübingen from 1869 to 1874 ...
Bluebird Foods - History
... Prior to that, Burns Philp tried to sell Bluebird Foods to Nestle with the Uncle Toby sale ... Nestle was not interested and bought only the Uncle Toby's business ... May 2006 saw Nestle purchase the Uncle Tobys Brand for NZ$1.1 Billion ...
Joan Nestle - Life
... Nestle's father died before she was born, and she was raised by her widowed mother Regina Nestle, a bookkeeper in New York City's garment district ... Nestle had been part of the working-class, butch and femme bar culture of New York City since the late 1950s ... by the vice squad, allowed only one woman into the bathroom at a time Nestle began writing fiction in 1978, when a prolonged illness prevented her from teaching for a year ...

More definitions of "nestle":

  • (noun): A close and affectionate (and often prolonged) embrace.
    Synonyms: cuddle, snuggle
  • (verb): Lie in a sheltered position.
    Example: "The little cottage nestles in the forest"

Famous quotes containing the word nestle:

    Thy sweet child Sleep, the filmy-eyed,
    Murmured like a noontide bee,
    Shall I nestle near thy side?
    Wouldst thou me?—And I replied,
    No, not thee!
    Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792–1822)