What is naturalise?

Some articles on naturalise:

German Nationality Law - Naturalisation As A German Citizen - Naturalisation By Entitlement
... An individual who fulfils all of the following criteria has an entitlement to naturalise as a German citizen he/she has been ordinarily resident in Germany for at least 8 ... An individual who is entitled to naturalise as a German citizen can also apply for his/her spouse and minor children to be naturalised at the same time (his/her ...
Norwegian Nationality Law - Naturalisation As A Norwegian Citizen
... Generally, it is possible to naturalise as a Norwegian citizen after residing in Norway seven years over the last ten years, if the applicant qualifies for permanent residence and does not have a ... Citizens of other Nordic Council countries may naturalise after only a two-year residence ... cohabitant partners of Norwegian citizens may naturalise as quickly as four years ...

More definitions of "naturalise":

  • (verb): Adopt to another place.
    Synonyms: naturalize
  • (verb): Make into a citizen.
    Synonyms: naturalize
  • (verb): Make more natural or lifelike.
    Synonyms: naturalize