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Bushfood - Modern Use
... In the 1970s non-indigenous Australians began to recognise the previously overlooked native Australian foods ... late 1970s horticulturists started to assess native food-plants for commercial use and cultivation ... In the mid-1980s several Sydney restaurants began using native Australian ingredients in recipes more familiar to non-indigenous tastes - providing the ...

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    The Australian mind, I can state with authority, is easily boggled.
    Charles Osborne (b. 1927)

    And so we ask for peace for the gods of our fathers, for the gods of our native land. It is reasonable that whatever each of us worships is really to be considered one and the same. We gaze up at the same stars, the sky covers us all, the same universe compasses us. What does it matter what practical systems we adopt in our search for the truth. Not by one avenue only can we arrive at so tremendous a secret.
    Quintus Aurelius Symmachus (A.D. c. 340–402)