What is national union?

National Union

National Union may refer to one of many political parties:

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The Structure of The Conservative Party Archive - National Union of Conservative and Unionist Associations, 1867–present
... The National Union of Conservative and Unionist Associations (now known as the National Conservative Convention) was established in 1867 ... together the rank and file of the Party in a national organisation ... Representatives of the constituencies meet at area and national level, and a system of advisory committees is used to convey grass roots opinion to the Party leadership ...
Member Organisations Of Make Poverty History (UK)
... a coalition of charities, religious groups, trade unions and campaigning groups ... Association of University Teachers (AUT) The Attlee Foundation Bakers, Food Allied Workers Union The Balcraif Foundation Banana Link Baptist Union of Great Britain The Baptist Union of Scotland ...
List Of Members Of The Sixteenth Knesset - List of Members
... on 26 January 2006, then split to form National Home Shinui Victor Brailovsky Left party to join the Secular Faction on 26 January 2006 Shinui Ilan Shalgi Left ...
Hatikva (political Party)
... Eldad, and currently forms one of the factions of the National Union alliance ... For the 2009 elections the party joined the National Union, with Eldad winning fourth place on the Union's list ... Yisrael Shelanu, another member party of the National Union, announced their decision to leave the alliance and form Otzma LeYisrael ...
Sons Of Vulcan - Expansion
... The union responded with a nationwide strike of its members, which lasted eight months ... based on the price of iron bars—the first time employers recognized the union, the first union contract in the iron and steel industry, and what may be ... At the union's convention in Buffalo, New York which opened August 7, 1865, Humphreys reported that "forges" (as local unions of the organization were called) had ...

Famous quotes containing the words union and/or national:

    The man whose whole activity is diverted to inner meditation becomes insensible to all his surroundings. If he loves, it is not to give himself, to blend in fecund union with another being, but to meditate on his love. His passions are mere appearances, being sterile. They are dissipated in futile imaginings, producing nothing external to themselves.
    Emile Durkheim (1858–1917)

    In really hard times the rules of the game are altered. The inchoate mass begins to stir. It becomes potent, and when it strikes,... it strikes with incredible emphasis. Those are the rare occasions when a national will emerges from the scattered, specialized, or indifferent blocs of voters who ordinarily elect the politicians. Those are for good or evil the great occasions in a nation’s history.
    Walter Lippmann (1889–1974)