What is modeling?

  • (noun): A preliminary sculpture in wax or clay from which a finished work can be copied.
    Synonyms: modelling, molding, moulding
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Some articles on modeling:

Jennifer Connelly - Life and Career - Child Modeling and Early Film Appearances
... Her parents sent a picture of her to the Ford Modeling Agency, which shortly after added her to its roster ... Connelly began modeling for print advertisements before moving on to television commercials ... Guardian, she revealed that, after having done a bit of modeling, she had no aspirations to become an actor ...
Jack Mackenroth - Modeling
... In 2008, Mackenroth also had a cameo appearance in the Sex and the City movie as "Hot Guy #17.". ...
Goal Modeling - Principles
... Goal modeling is especially useful in the early phases of a project ... goals Deals with conflicts goal modeling can identify and help to resolve tradeoffs between cost, performance, flexibility, security and other goals ... Goal modeling can also reveal divergent interests between stakeholders ...
Frameworks For Business Architecture - The Object Management Group
... Modeling standards of the Object Management Group (OMG), including the Unified Modeling Language (UML), Model Driven Architecture (MDA), Business Motivation ... The BAWG Modeling Workgroup is currently working to develop a standard framework for business architecture that is aligned with the Business Architecture ...
Meta Edit+ - Work Flow
... MetaEdit+ Modeler, a tool for using modeling languages ... is used by a few key developers to design a project-specific modeling language ... Then, this modeling language is used to develop final products using MetaEdit+ Modeler ...

More definitions of "modeling":

  • (noun): The act of representing something (usually on a smaller scale).
    Synonyms: model, modelling

Famous quotes containing the word modeling:

    The computer takes up where psychoanalysis left off. It takes the ideas of a decentered self and makes it more concrete by modeling mind as a multiprocessing machine.
    Sherry Turkle (b. 1948)