What is merry?

  • (adj): Offering fun and gaiety.
    Example: "A merry evening"
    Synonyms: gala, gay, festal, festive
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Meriadoc Brandybuck - Appearances - Literature - Weapons and Attire
... Merry was unarmed (except for a small pocket-knife) until the encounter with the barrow-wights ... served as short-swords for the Hobbits, and Merry used his to stab the Witch-king in the back of the knee at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields ... It was as a result of his bravery in this battle that Merry subsequently gained the soubriquet "The Magnificent" ...
List Of Middle-earth Food And Drink - Beverages - Orc "vitality Drink"
... (The Two Towers), this is an unnamed liquid given by Uglúk to the captive and weak Merry and Pippin ... Described as having a burning sensation when drunk, it gives Merry a "hot fierce glow" inside ... film adaptation of The Two Towers, an orc forces some down Merry's throat when Pippin requests that he be given water ...
Merry Ruler
... Merry Ruler (foaled 1958 in England) was a Thoroughbred racehorse who competed successfully in the United States ... Trained by Eddie Yowel, Merry Ruler competed for three years, winning major races at tracks in New Jersey and New York ...
Swallowing Darkness - Plot
... Swallowing Darkness follows the further adventures of Princess Meredith "Merry Gentry" NicEssus ... Merry has finally succeeded in getting pregnant ... fae who are unhappy with the idea of Merry gaining the throne, forcing Merry's royal guard to become more cautious about her security ...
Meriadoc Brandybuck - Names and Titles
... Tolkien said he transliterated to English as follows The nickname "Merry" represents his actual nickname Kali which meant "handsome, happy", and "Meri ... Théoden called Merry Holdwine, and the Hobbit was thus known as such in the records of Rohan ... Tolkien does not give Merry's real Rohirric name ...

More definitions of "merry":

  • (adj): Full of or showing high-spirited merriment.
    Example: "Have a merry Christmas"; "peals of merry laughter"
    Synonyms: gay, jocund, jolly, jovial, mirthful

Famous quotes containing the word merry:

    O who is glory in the shapeless maps,
    Now make the world of me as I have made
    A merry manshape of your walking circle.
    Dylan Thomas (1914–1953)

    And then having ended this merry wedding,
    The bride looked as fresh as a queen;
    And so they returned to the merry greenwood,
    Amongst the leaves so green.
    —Unknown. Robin Hood and Allen-a-Dale (l. 105–108)

    Don Pedro. To be merry best becomes you; for, out o’ question, you were born in a merry hour.
    Beatrice. No, sure, my lord, my mother cried; but then there was a star danced, and under than was I born.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)