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Martin Bauer

Martin W. Bauer is a social psychologist, currently Head of the department of the Methodology Institute at the London School of Economics. He directs the MSc in Social and Public Communication at the Institute of Social Psychology. Martin Bauer was a Research Fellow in 'Public Understanding of Science' at the Science Museum in London, an academic visitor to the Maison Des Sciences de l'Homme in Paris, and he teaches regularly in Brazil at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul and the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul.

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Martin Bauer - Publications (selection)
... Bauer MW (2005) The mass media and the biotechnology controversy, International Journal of Public Opinion Research, 17 (1), 5-22 Bauer MW (2005) Distinguishing GREEN from RED biotechnology - cultivation effects of the ... Bauer MW, S Howard, V Hagenhoff, G Gasperoni Maria Rusanen (2005) The BSE and CJD crisis in the press, in C Dora (ed) Health, Hazard and Public Debate ... Dowler E, J Green, MW Bauer, G Gasperoni (2005) Assessing public perceptions issues and methods, in C Dora (ed) Health, Hazard and Public Debate Lessons for Risk Communication from the BSE/CJD saga ...

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