What is marshal?

  • (verb): Place in proper rank.
    Example: "Marshal the troops"
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Marshal (also spelled marshall, more commonly in British English than American English), is a word used in several official titles of various branches of society. As marshals became trusted members of the courts of Medieval Europe, the title grew in reputation. During the last few centuries, it has been used for the most elevated offices including in military ranking and civilian law enforcement.

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Some articles on marshal:

André De Laval-Montmorency
1408-1485) was a Marshal of France ... He was made admiral of France in 1437 and marshal in 1439 ... became king as Louis XI, Laval was dismissed from the marshal's office ...
1947 Coup Group (Thailand) - Membership
... The coterie's leading members were Field Marshal Sarit Thanarat, commander of the Bangkok-based First Division, Police General Phao Siyanon, the powerful chief of police ...
Marshal Of Poland
... Marshal of Poland (Marszałek Polski) is the highest rank in the Polish Army ... At present, this rank is equivalent to a Field Marshal or General of the Army (OF-10) in other NATO armies ...
Marshal - Fiction - Fantasy - Other
... In Mercedes Lackey's fictional country of Valdemar, one of the country's most important ranks is that of Lord Marshal. ...
Marszałek - History
... In 14th century the royal court in Kraków introduced an office of the Marshal of the Polish Kingdom (marszałek Królestwa Polskiego), which was one of the offices reserved for kings' advisors ... In 15th century a similar office of Grand Marshal of the Crown (marszałek wielki koronny) was created for the closest of all kings' men ... The Grand Marshal was often referred to as the first of the servants or first of the advisors (pierwszy minister in 16th century Polish) as he was superior to all other officials at the court ...

More definitions of "marshal":

  • (noun): A law officer having duties similar to those of a sheriff in carrying out the judgments of a court of law.
    Synonyms: marshall
  • (noun): (in some countries) a military officer of highest rank.
    Synonyms: marshall
  • (verb): Lead ceremoniously, as in a procession.
  • (verb): Arrange in logical order.
    Example: "Marshal facts or arguments"