What is manoeuvre?


Maneuver, manoeuvre, manoeuver (also spelled, directly from the French, as manœuvre) denotes one's tactical move, or series of moves, that improves or maintains one's strategic situation in a competitive environment or avoids a worse situation.

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Pringle Manoeuvre
... The Pringle manoeuvre is a surgical manoeuvre used in some abdominal operations ... The Pringle manoeuvre is very often used during liver surgery to minimize blood loss, however it can directly lead to reperfusion phenomenon in the liver ...
Swarming (military) - Swarming Is Not A Panacea - Misuse of Mass, Manoeuvre, and Potentially Swarming
... Swarming is not appropriate for all low-intensity conflict ... If one considers civilian law enforcement as able to use swarming, it is indeed appropriate to swarm a car, full of criminals actively shooting, which is moving at dangerous high speed through crowded streets ...
Marseille Turn - Uses and Effectiveness
... The manoeuvre is most effective when the opposing player approaches head on or from the side of the player's master foot ... When performed at speed, the manoeuvre is almost impossible to defend against as it incorporates a sudden change in direction with a continuous shielding of the ball ... The manoeuvre can also be used when the ball is going out of play away from the player ...
Müller's Maneuver
... Müller's Manoeuvre After a forced expiration, an attempt at inspiration is made with closed mouth and nose, whereby the negative pressure in the chest and lungs is made very subatmospheric the reverse of ... There is some evidence that the sites of obstruction with Muller's manoeuvre do not represent reliably the sites of obstruction during normal sleep ... Other factors such as the body's position whilst conducting the manoeuvre may well affect this ...
Swarming (military) - Reviewing Swarming and Non-swarming Conflict
... is one swarming chaotic melee brute-force massing nimble manoeuvre Melee is unorganized and random/chaotic fighting, in contrast with the distributed organization of swarming ... Manoeuvre is similar to mass except that mass is concentrated at a particular point ... convergent attack by many units as the primary manoeuvre from the start of the battle or campaign, not the convergent attacks that result as a matter of course when some unit becomes isolated and ...

More definitions of "manoeuvre":

  • (noun): A deliberate coordinated movement requiring dexterity and skill.
    Synonyms: maneuver, play
  • (verb): Perform a movement in military or naval tactics in order to secure an advantage in attack or defense.
    Synonyms: manoeuver, maneuver, operate
  • (noun): A plan for attaining a particular goal.
    Synonyms: tactic, maneuver