What is maneuver?

  • (verb): Act in order to achieve a certain goal.
    Synonyms: manoeuver, manoeuvre
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Maneuver, manoeuvre, manoeuver (also spelled, directly from the French, as manœuvre) denotes one's tactical move, or series of moves, that improves or maintains one's strategic situation in a competitive environment or avoids a worse situation.

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Some articles on maneuver:

Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site
... The Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site (also Pinon and Pinyon) is a 235,896 acre (955 km2) U.S ... The Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site (PCMS) is a training site for Fort Carson ...
Lahingpaar - Organization - Other Military Uses
... A fire and maneuver team is the smallest unit above the individual soldier ... A fireteam in turn consists of at least two fire and maneuver teams and a squad of two or more fireteams ... In the Finnish Defense Forces squad is formed by four fire and maneuver teams ...
List Of Active Units Of The Italian Army - Transport and Material Corps
... Logistic Projection Command *1997 (Rome) 1st Maneuver Regiment Monviso *1991 (Rivoli) 6th Maneuver Regiment *1975 (Pisa) 10th Maneuver Regiment *1963 (Serre) 24th Alpine Maneuver Regiment Dolomiti *1981 (Mera ...
Müller's Maneuver
... In this maneuver, the patient attempts to inhale with his mouth closed and his nostrils plugged, which leads to a collapse of the airway ... Müller's maneuver is used to help determine the cause of sleep apnea ... This maneuver is very helpful in doing MRI for sleep apnoea, when sedation to patient can be avoided ...
Close Operations
... Dominated by fire support, the combined elements of the ground and air elements conduct maneuver warfare to enhance the effects of their fires and their ability to maneuver ... As they maneuver to gain positions of advantage over the enemy, combined arms forces deliver fires to disrupt the enemy’s ability to interfere with that maneuver ... the enemy at the decisive point and time, while reducing the risks to the force entailed in massing maneuver forces at a single point or in a single ...

More definitions of "maneuver":

  • (noun): A plan for attaining a particular goal.
    Synonyms: tactic, manoeuvre
  • (verb): Perform a movement in military or naval tactics in order to secure an advantage in attack or defense.
    Synonyms: manoeuver, manoeuvre, operate
  • (noun): A deliberate coordinated movement requiring dexterity and skill.
    Example: "He made a great maneuver"
    Synonyms: manoeuvre, play