What is Manchu?

  • (noun): The last imperial dynasty of China (from 1644 to 1912) which was overthrown by revolutionaries; during the Qing dynasty China was ruled by the Manchu.
    Synonyms: Qing, Qing dynasty, Ch'ing, Ch'ing dynasty, Manchu dynasty
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Manchu (disambiguation)
... The Manchu people are a Tungusic people who originated in Manchuria (today's Northeastern China and Russian Far East) ... Manchu may also refer to Manchu language, a Tungusic language spoken in Heilongjiang, China Manchu Dynasty or Qing Dynasty, a Manchurian empire from 1644–1912 Manchukuo or Manchu State, a puppet state of the ...
List Of The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Characters - F - Fu Manchu
... The Insidious Dr Fu Manchu, Sax Rohmer V1I3, V1I4, V1I6, V2S, BD Leader of the Chinese organized crime in Limehouse, and personal and professional rival of Moriarty ... He is never referred to by name as the character Fu Manchu is not public domain in Europe ...
Anti-Qing Sentiment
... fǎn Qing) refers to a sentiment principally held in China against the Manchu ruling during Qing Dynasty (1644–1912), which was often resented for being foreign and barbaric ... Chinese to wear their hair in a queue in the Manchu style ... The people of the Eight Banners enjoyed much better social welfare than the non-Manchu population ...
The Adventures Of Dr. Fu Manchu - Production
... Each episode would start off with Fu Manchu and Nayland Smith playing a game of chess with the narrator telling us that "It is said the Devil plays ... Fu Manchu, Satan himself, evil incarnate." At the end of each episode, after Nayland Smith and Dr ... Petrie had foiled Fu Manchu's latest fiendish scheme, Fu Manchu would be seen breaking a black chess piece as the closing credits rolled ...
Sangiin Kherem
... хэрэм) is the Mongolian name for the remains of the Manchu fort in the Northern part of Khovd city, Mongolia ... century, and later became the seat of the Manchu amban and his office ... The southern portion of the fort was occupied by the Manchu amban, treasury, offices, and military barracks ...

More definitions of "Manchu":

  • (noun): The Tungusic language spoken by the Manchu people.
  • (noun): A member of the Manchu speaking people of Mongolian race of Manchuria; related to the Tungus; conquered China in the 17th century.