What is manakin?

  • (noun): Any of numerous small bright-colored birds of Central America and South America having short bills and elaborate courtship behavior.
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The manakins are a clade (Pipridae) of unique small suboscine passerine birds. The group contains some 60 species distributed through the American tropics. The name is from Middle Dutch mannekijn 'little man' (also the source of the different bird name mannikin).

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Long-tailed Manakin
... The Long-tailed Manakin (Chiroxiphia linearis) is a species of bird in the Pipridae family ... The manakin species are very interesting in their family life ... Long-tailed Manakin males form a long-term partnership duo or trio ...
... Lepidothrix is a genus of bird in the manakin family Pipridae ... is predominately found in South America, but one species, the Blue-crowned Manakin, also ranges into Central America ... It contains the following species Blue-crowned Manakin (Lepidothrix coronata) Orange-bellied Manakin (Lepidothrix suavissima) White-fronted Manakin (Lepid ...
Eastern Striped Manakin
... The Striped Manakin (Machaeropterus regulus) is a small South American species of bird in the Pipridae family ... treated as separate species, the Eastern Striped Manakin (M ... regulus) and the Western Striped Manakin (M ...
Manakin - Species List
... Family Pipridae Genus Pipra White-crowned Manakin, Pipra pipra Crimson-hooded Manakin, Pipra aureola (also known as Orange-headed Manakin) Band-tailed Manakin, Pipra fasciicauda Wire-tailed ... Piprites, Piprites griseiceps Wing-barred Piprites, Piprites chloris Male White-bearded Manakin at its lek Helmeted Manakin (Antilophia galeata) Blue-backed Manakin (Chiroxiphia ...
List Of Birds By Common Name - Passerines - Manakins
... Pin-tailed Manakin Helmeted Manakin Band-tailed Manakin Blue Manakin. ...

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