What is lunch?


Luncheon, commonly abbreviated to lunch, is a middle of the day meal, and is generally smaller than dinner, which is the main meal of the day whenever dinner is eaten. The origin of the words lunch and luncheon relate to a small meal originally eaten at any time of the day or night, but during the 20th century gradually focused toward a small meal eaten at midday.

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Some articles on lunch:

California Department Of Public Health - Lead-contaminated Lunch Bag Incident, 2007
... canvas "EAT FRUITS AND VEGETABLES AND BE ACTIVE" lunch bags (soft lunch boxes) whose cover, lining, and logo "tested high for lead levels" ... not use 56,000 green or 247,000 blue lunch bags, CDPH was criticized by an advocacy group for not notifying parents quickly enough of the presence of lead in the green ones ...
Cuisine Of Sardinia - Meal Composition - Lunch
... Pranzo or lunch traditionally used to be the heartiest and most important Italian meal, although shorter work breaks are significantly changing this ... Lunch is taken in Italy between 1200 pm and 200 pm (usually, people from Southern Italian regions start lunch slightly later, from 1.15 pm to even 2.15 pm) ... Most families still usually tend to have a traditional lunch on Sundays ...
Working Lunches and Lunch Breaks
... Since lunch typically falls in the early-middle of the working day, it can either be eaten on a break from work, or as part of the workday ... The difference between those who work through lunch and those who take it off could be a matter of cultural, social class, bargaining power, or the nature of the work ... Also, to simplify matters, some cultures refer to meal breaks at work as "lunch" no matter when they occur – even in the middle of the night ...
Lunch Poems
... Lunch Poems is a book of poetry by Frank O'Hara published in 1964 by Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s City Lights, number 19 in their Pocket Poets series ... Ferlinghetti would badger O'Hara with questions like, "How about lunch? I'm hungry." "Cooking", O'Hara would reply ... and 1964 O’Hara and I worked intermittently at compiling Lunch Poems, which in the end became a selection of work dating from 1953 to 1964.” The poems ...
Lunch No Joō
... Lunch no Joō (ランチの女王, Ranchi no Joō?, lit ... "Queen of Lunch") is a Japanese drama series aired in Japan on Fuji TV in 2002 ... her more than to walk down the street thinking about where she'll eat lunch ...

More definitions of "lunch":

  • (verb): Provide a midday meal for.
    Example: "She lunched us well"
  • (verb): Take the midday meal.
    Example: "At what time are you lunching?"

Famous quotes containing the word lunch:

    Long as there’s lunch counters, you can always find work.
    —Mother and Aunts Of Dorothy Allison, U.S. waitresses. As quoted in Skin, ch. 2, by Dorothy Allison (1994)

    Women who are devoted to causes, such as overpopulation and the underprivileged [sic], are much less interested in fashion than, let’s say, those who lunch at La Grenouille and Le Cirque.
    Ann Landers (b. 1918)

    Extreme patience and persistence are required,
    Yet everybody succeeds at this before being handed
    The surprise box lunch of the rest of his life.
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)