What is lorica?

  • (noun): A hard protective sheath as secreted by certain protoctists e.g..

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List Of Traditional Armaments - Armor - Torso
... Lorica hamata Type of ringmail Roman Lorica plumata scales attached to a mail backing Roman Lorica squamata Type of scale armour Roman Lamellar ... Tegilay Quilted caftan Asia and East Europe Medieval plate-types Lorica segmentata articulated plate bands, iconic Roman armour Roman Plate armour ...
Roman Military Personal Equipment - Torso Armour - Lorica Squamata
... The Lorica squamata was a type of scale armour used during the Republic and at later periods ... A shirt of scale armour was shaped in the same way as a lorica hamata, mid-thigh length with the shoulder doublings or cape ... No examples of an entire lorica squamata have been found, but there have been several archaeological finds of fragments of such shirts and individual scales are quite common finds - even in ...