What is live?

  • (adv): Not recorded.
    Example: "The opera was broadcast live"
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Demographics Of Trinidad And Tobago - Ethnic Groups - Other Ethnic Groups
... They account for about 20,000 people and live mostly in Port-of-Spain and San Fernando ... Arabs, originating from Syria and Lebanon who live mostly in Port-of-Spain ... They are organized around the Santa Rosa Carib Community and live mostly in and around Arima ...
You've Got A Friend
... Another live version was recorded by Donny Hathaway on his 1972 Live album and the posthumously released These Songs for You, Live! ... performed the song during her 2008 tour and it also appears in her live DVD "Nine Dirts and Snow White Flickers" ...
Demographics Of Tuvalu - CIA World Factbook Demographic Statistics - Infant Mortality Rate
... total 34.52 deaths/1,000 live births male 37.56 deaths/1,000 live births female 31.33 deaths/1,000 live births (2010 est.) ...
XX Years Live
... XX Years Live is the 14th release, and second live album, from American Christian rock band Resurrection Band (known at this time as "REZ"), released in 1992 ...
Under Pressure - Live Cover Performances
... 1990s In 1994, rock band The Flaming Lips live recorded their cover version, for the 23rd volume of Warner Brothers Recordings promo series Soil X Samples, which released the following year ... post-hardcore band The Blood Brothers live covered "Under Pressure" for the 31G Queen tribute album Dynamite With a Laser Beam Queen as Heard Through the Meat Grinder of Three One G ... Keller Williams released his version on his live album Stage (2004) ...

More definitions of "live":

  • (adj): Having life.
    Example: "A live canary"; "hit a live nerve"; "famous living painters"; "living tissue"
  • (verb): Have firsthand knowledge of states, situations, emotions, or sensations.
    Synonyms: know, experience
  • (adj): Abounding with life and energy.
    Example: "The club members are a really live bunch"
  • (adj): In current use or ready for use.
    Example: "Live copy is ready to be set in type or already set but not yet proofread"
  • (adj): Actually being performed at the time of hearing or viewing.
    Example: "A live television program"; "brought to you live from Lincoln Center"; "live entertainment involves performers actually in the physical presence of a live audience"
    Synonyms: unrecorded
  • (verb): Pursue a positive and satisfying existence.
    Example: "You must accept yourself and others if you really want to live"
  • (adj): Highly reverberant.
    Example: "A live concert hall"
  • (verb): Support oneself.
    Example: "Can you live on $2000 a month in New York City?"
    Synonyms: exist, survive, subsist
  • (adj): Showing characteristics of life; exerting force or containing energy.
    Example: "Live coals"; "tossed a live cigarette out the window"; "got a shock from a live wire"; "live ore is unmined ore"; "a live bomb"; "a live ball is one in play"
  • (adj): Charged with an explosive.
    Example: "Live ammunition"; "a live bomb"
  • (adj): Charged or energized with electricity.
    Example: "A live wire"
    Synonyms: hot
  • (adj): Of current relevance.
    Example: "A live issue"; "still a live option"
  • (adj): Capable of erupting.
    Example: "A live volcano"
    Synonyms: alive
  • (verb): Have life, be alive.
    Synonyms: be
  • (verb): Lead a certain kind of life; live in a certain style.
    Example: "We had to live frugally after the war"

Famous quotes containing the word live:

    How can I live among this gentle
    absolescent breed of heroes, and not weep?
    Unicorns, almost,
    for they are falling into two legends
    in which their stupidity and chivalry
    are celebrated. Each, fool and herb, will be an immortal.
    Keith Douglas (1920–1944)

    Come, live with me and be my love,
    And we will all the pleasures prove
    Of peace and plenty, bed and board,
    That chance employment may afford.
    Cecil Day Lewis (1904–1972)

    You have to be very rich or very poor to live without a trade.
    Albert Camus (1913–1960)