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Local Government Finance In Kerala - Non-tax Revenue - Licence Fee
... are the important items for which license fees or maintenance fees are collected by local governments ... Trade Licences In Grama Panchayats, licencing of trades is done under Kerala Panchayat Raj (Dangerous and Offensive Trade) rules ... The rule fixes the maximum fee based on turn over ...
Holby City - Reception - Critical Response
... Holby City is a waste of the television licence fee, with some suggesting that it ought to be cancelled ... On this basis, Cox advocated the abolition of the licence fee, explaining "The BBC was invented in a period when the elite decided what the population should know ... If that has gone, then the licence fee should go too." At the 2003 Edinburgh International Television Festival, BSykB chief executive Tony Ball called for stricter restrictions ...
Security Industry Authority - SIA Licensing - Licence Application Fee
... The licence application fee is £220 for a three year licence, except for front line vehicle immobiliser licences where the fee is £220 for a one year licence ... The fee is to cover the cost of processing the application and is not refundable ... Individuals paying their own licence fee can claim tax relief against their taxable income ...
BBC Student Life - History - BBC Online and Beeb.com
... The BBC Director General John Birt sought government approval to direct licence fee revenue into the service, describing planned BBC internet services as the “third ... As well as the licence fee funded www.bbc.co.uk, BBC Worldwide launched the commercially funded beeb.com, featuring mostly entertainment focused content, with sites including Radio ... Later, BBC Online launched licence fee funded web sites for Top of the Pops and Top Gear, resulting in some duplication ...
Peacock Committee
... to a national newspaper outing her as a non-licence fee payer ... The government had expected the committee to report that the television licence fee used to fund the BBC should be scrapped ... However, the Peacock Committee favoured retaining the licence fee as they believed it was the 'least worst' option ...

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