What is Li?

  • (noun): Chinese distance measure; approximately 0.5 kilometers.
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Erlang Shen - Representations in Chinese Culture - As Li Bing
... As Li Bing, the first hydraulic engineer in the Shu area, was the hero who stopped the flooding of the Min River by constructing the Dujiangyan ... This somehow led to Li Bing being turned into a folk hero who defeated a river god in order to save his prefecture from being flooded, where this story had then associated him as a new river god that protected the ... However a discrepancy comes up that even though Li Bing/Erlang was known as Guankou Shen, the river that he is associated with is in Qianwei and not Guankou ...
Yingzao Fashi
... treatise on architecture and craftsmanship written by the Chinese author Li Jie (李誡 1065–1110), the Directorate of Buildings and Construction during the mid Song Dynasty of China ... With his book becoming a noted success, Li Jie was promoted by Huizong as the Director of Palace Buildings ... Thereafter, Li became well known for his oversight in the construction of administrative offices, palace apartments, gates and gate-towers, the ancestral temple of the Song Dynasty, along with ...
Li - Abbreviations
... element Liechtenstein's ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code.li the Internet top-level domain for Liechtenstein Limburgish language's ISO 639 alpha-2 code Liberia's FIPS 10-4 country code LIAT ...
li Canon
... The Pāli Canon (Pali Tipitaka) is the standard collection of scriptures in the Theravada Buddhist tradition, as preserved in the Pāli language ... The Pāli Canon falls into three general categories, called pitaka (from Pali piṭaka, meaning "basket", referring to the receptacles in which the scrolls were kept) ...
Youth Novels - Track Listing
... All music composed by Lykke Li and Björn Yttling ... "Melodies Desires" Li, Nils-Erik Sandberg 352 2 ... "Dance, Dance, Dance" Li 341 3 ...

More definitions of "Li":

  • (adj): Being one more than fifty.
    Synonyms: fifty-one, 51
  • (noun): A soft silver-white univalent element of the alkali metal group; the lightest metal known; occurs in several minerals.
    Synonyms: lithium, atomic number 3