What is large?


Large is an English surname, with variants including, but not limited to Lardge, Lurge, and Larg. Its meaning is variable, though it may derive from the Norman French adjective, large (meaning "generous" or "big" ), as it is found in the surname "le Large" in English records dating back as far as the 13th century. Harrison's work on English surnames gives the following: "LARGE (adjectival: French, Latin) BIG; GENEROUS abundant, liberal]"

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... populous goldfields region, Ballarat has large sectors of employment in business including retail, professional services and trades as well as state and federal ... better known as Wendouree Village, with a large number of specialty stores ... Ballarat which exports education through a large international students program and throughout Australia through distance education programs ...
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... Lopes had several large tattoos ... Most prominent was a large eagle on her left arm, which she said represented freedom ... On her upper right arm was a large tattoo of the name Parron, for her late stepbrother who died in a boating accident, arching over a large tattoo of a pierced heart ...
... The lake is large enough that it could not be blockaded from the land easily, and the city was large enough to make any attempt to reach the harbour from shore-based siege weapons very difficult ... Large gates on the three landbound sides of the walls provided the only entrance to the city ...
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More definitions of "large":

  • (adj): Fairly large or important in effect; influential.
    Example: "Played a large role in the negotiations"
  • (adj): Above average in size or number or quantity or magnitude or extent.
    Example: "A large city"; "a large sum"; "a large family"; "a large number of newspapers"; "large areas of the world"
    Synonyms: big
  • (adj): Generous and understanding and tolerant.
    Example: "A large and generous spirit"; "a large heart"
    Synonyms: big, magnanimous
  • (adv): With the wind abaft the beam.
    Example: "A ship sailing large"
  • (adj): Having broad power and range and scope.
    Example: "Taking the large view"; "a large effect"; "a large sympathy"
  • (adv): At a distance, wide of something (as of a mark).
  • (noun): A garment size for a large person.
  • (adj): Conspicuous in position or importance.
    Example: "He's very large in financial circles"
    Synonyms: big, prominent

Famous quotes containing the word large:

    Shakespeare is one of the last books one should like to give up, perhaps the one just before the Dying Service in a large Prayer book.
    Charles Lamb (1775–1834)

    [T]here is no Part of the World where Servants have those Privileges and Advantages as in England: They have no where else such plentiful Diet, large Wages, or indulgent Liberty: There is no place wherein they labour less, and yet where they are so little respectful, more wasteful, more negligent, or where they so frequently change their Masters.
    Richard Steele (1672–1729)

    ... when you make it a moral necessity for the young to dabble in all the subjects that the books on the top shelf are written about, you kill two very large birds with one stone: you satisfy precious curiosities, and you make them believe that they know as much about life as people who really know something. If college boys are solemnly advised to listen to lectures on prostitution, they will listen; and who is to blame if some time, in a less moral moment, they profit by their information?
    Katharine Fullerton Gerould (1879–1944)