What is laced?

  • (adj): Having alcohol added.
    Example: "A cup of brandy-laced coffee"
    Synonyms: spiked
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Some articles on laced:

... Laced/Unlaced is a two-disc instrumental album ... Disc one, "Laced", is a re-release of On a Day.. ...
Ō-yoroi - Clan Identification
... Higher-ranking officials had the plates of their armor laced together tightly, while lower ranking samurai had armor that was laced more loosely ... The loosely laced armor was adopted for all ranks of samurai over time to decrease the weight, allow more flexibility, and help ventilate the armor ... The loosely laced armor allowed air to flow, keeping the samurai comfortable in hot and cool weather ...
Laced Moray
... The laced moray, Gymnothorax favagineus, also known as the leopard moray, tesselate moray or honeycomb moray, is a species of moray eel ... The Laced moray can grow up to 300cm in length, and as such are one of the larger species of moray eel ...
Sebright (chicken) - History - Development
... intentionally set out to create a very small bantam chicken with laced plumage similar to the laced variety of Polish chickens ... Nankin and Polish birds with a base of Rosecombs before achieving a laced chicken that would breed true ...
Lattice Girder - Overview
... This member is more correctly referred to as a laced strut or laced tie, as it normally resists axial compression (strut) or axial tension (tie) the lattice girder, like any girder, primarily ... As with lattice girders, laced struts and ties have generally been supplanted by hollow box sections, which are more economic with modern technology ...

More definitions of "laced":

  • (adj): Closed with a lace.
    Example: "Snugly laced shoes"
    Synonyms: tied
  • (adj): Edged or streaked with color.
    Example: "White blossoms with purple-laced petals"
  • (adj): Trimmed or decorated with lace.

Famous quotes containing the word laced:

    Time now to pack this humpty-dumpty
    back the frightened way she came
    and run alongnne, and run along now,
    my stomach laced up like a football
    for the game.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)