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The name Kay (/kay/) is found both as a surname (see Kay (surname)) and as a given name. In English-speaking countries, it is usually a female name, often a short form of Katherine or one of its variants; but, it is also used as a first name in its own right, and (more often in non-English speakers) as a boy's name (for example in India). The alternative spelling of Kaye is encountered as a surname, but also occasionally as a given name; for instance, actress Kaye Ballard.

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Bert Shelley - Coaching Career
... led to him being asked by manager George Kay to take over as first-team trainer following the retirement of his mentor, Bert Lee in 1935 ... in seventeenth place, nine members of the board resigned and George Kay left to take over at Liverpool, taking Shelley with him ... At Anfield, Shelley was a part of George Kay's coaching staff, helping the Reds take the Football League championship in 1946–47 ...
Minor Passions Characters - Reese Durkee
... Reese was notable in the early years of the soap for his crush on Kay Bennett, who had eyes only for Miguel and found Reese to be loathsome ... Reese eventually ended up dating Kay's younger sister, Jessica, who had had a crush on Reese for some time, in 2002 ... Thanks to Kay and Tabitha's machinations, Reese nearly wound up sleeping with Kay and Jessica's cousin, Charity Standish, in early 2004 ...
Crystal Kay Discography
... The discography of Crystal Kay, a Japanese pop singer ... Kay debuted in 1999 with the single "Eternal Memories" at the age of thirteen ...
The Wind Boy - Main Characters
... Gentian-an eight year old girl with copper colored hair, Kay's younger sister ... Kay- a nine year old boy with copper colored hair, Gentian's older brother ... She is more than she seems, and she is the one who takes Kay and Gentian into the Clear Land for the first time ...
... The name Kay (/kay/) is found both as a surname (see Kay (surname)) and as a given name ... A dynasty name Gakhars therefore use the ancient royal Persian title "Kay or "Kayani as did the Sassanian aristocracy as they claim connection with the semi-myt ... A female first name Kay Bailey Hutchison, the senior United States Senator from Texas Kay Boutilier, better known by her stage name My Name is Kay is a Canadian singer-son ...

Famous quotes containing the word kay:

    In the range of things toddlers have to learn and endlessly review—why you can’t put bottles with certain labels in your mouth, why you have to sit on the potty, why you can’t take whatever you want in the store, why you don’t hit your friends—by the time we got to why you can’t drop your peas, well, I was dropping a few myself.
    —Mary Kay Blakely (20th century)

    With two sons born eighteen months apart, I operated mainly on automatic pilot through the ceaseless activity of their early childhood. I remember opening the refrigerator late one night and finding a roll of aluminum foil next to a pair of small red tennies. Certain that I was responsible for the refrigerated shoes, I quickly closed the door and ran upstairs to make sure I had put the babies in their cribs instead of the linen closet.
    —Mary Kay Blakely (20th century)

    Certainly, words can be as abusive as any blow. . . . When a three-year-old yells, “You’re so stupid! What a dummy!” it doesn’t carry the same weight as when a mother yells those words to a child. . . . Even if you don’t physically abuse young children, you can still drive them nuts with your words.
    —Mary Kay Blakely (20th century)