What is Israeli?

  • (noun): A native or inhabitant of Israel.
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Second Intifada - Casualties - Combatant Versus Noncombatant Deaths
... in the Second Intifada Regarding the numbers of Israeli civilian versus combatant deaths, B'Tselem reports that through April 30, 2008 there were 719 Israeli civilians killed and 334 Israeli ... In other words, 31.7% of those killed were Israeli security force personnel, while 68.3% were civilians ... through April 30, 2008, out of 4,745 Palestinians killed by Israeli security forces, there were 1,671 "Palestinians who took part in the hostilities and were killed by Israeli security forces ...
Popular Front For The Liberation Of Palestine – General Command - History - Armed Actions in Lebanon
... In the 1970s and 1980s, the group carried out a number of attacks on Israeli soldiers and civilians, and gained notoriety for using spectacular means ... a PFLP-GC guerrilla landed a motorized hang glider (apparently supplied by Libya) near an Israeli army camp near Kiryat Shemona in Northern Israel on 25 November 1987 ... The PFLP-GC has not been involved in major attacks on Israeli targets since the early 1990s, but it has reportedly cooperated with the Hezbollah guerrillas in South Lebanon ...
Israeli West Bank Barrier - Opinions On The Barrier - Border Opinions
... helped to demarcate the route for future Israeli control over huge West Bank settlement blocks and large swathes of West Bank land" ... of border negotiations in favor of the Israelis ... Yossi Klein Halevi, Israeli correspondent for The New Republic, writes that "uilding over the green line, by contrast, reminds Palestinians that every time they've rejected ...
Yes TV Shows Channels
... Carried by the Israeli satellite television provider - yes, yes TV Shows Channels (formerly styled as yes stars) is an Israeli group of television channels which ...
Operation Badr (1973) - Course of The Operation - October 6 - The Crossing - Port Said Sector
... hence only direct fire guns were used to bombard Israeli positions ... infantry prior to the attack, preventing Israeli reinforcements from reaching it ... The Egyptians proceeded to clear a few bunkers still occupied by Israeli soldiers, some of whom surrendered when they began facing flamethrowers ...

More definitions of "Israeli":

  • (adj): Of or relating to or characteristic of Israel or its people.

Famous quotes containing the word israeli:

    ...I want to see a film, they send the Israeli army reserves to escort me! What kind of life is this?
    Golda Meir (1898–1978)

    Both gossip and joking are intrinsically valuable activities. Both are essentially social activities that strengthen interpersonal bonds—we do not tell jokes and gossip to ourselves. As popular activities that evade social restrictions, they often refer to topics that are inaccessible to serious public discussion. Gossip and joking often appear together: when we gossip we usually tell jokes and when we are joking we often gossip as well.
    Aaron Ben-Ze’Ev, Israeli philosopher. “The Vindication of Gossip,” Good Gossip, University Press of Kansas (1994)