What is interrogative?

  • (adj): Relating to the use of or having the nature of an interrogation.
    Synonyms: interrogatory, asking
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Sentence Function - Communicative Vs. Informative - Informative Sentences - Interrogative
... An interrogative sentence asks a question and hence ends with a question mark ... While an imperative is a call for action, an interrogative is a call for information ...
Sanskrit Pronouns And Determiners - Interrogative Pronouns
... Interrogative pronouns all begin with k-, and decline just as tat does, with the initial t- being replaced by k- ... For example, the singular feminine genitive interrogative pronoun, "of whom?", is kasyãḥ ...
Araki Language - Clause Structure - Interrogatives
... Interrogative sentences can take either Realis or Irrealis modality ... Quite often, the interrogative is marked by a final tag.. ... In WH-questions, the interrogative words take the same slot as the word they replace (that is, they remain in-situ ...
Tsez Language - Morphology - Pronouns - Interrogative Pronouns
... Interrogative pronouns make a distinction between human ("who?") and non-human ("what?") only in the oblique forms, but not in the absolutive ... The non-human interrogative pronouns require the class IV affix when triggering agreement ... Interrogative pronouns that are replacing an adjunct (as, for instance, "when?" or "why?") usually occur at the beginning of the sentence, while those replacing arguments ("who?", "what ...
Cantonese Grammar - Questions - Interrogative Words
... The interrogative words are as follows Interrogative Pronunciation English equivalent 邊個 bin1 go3 who 乜(嘢) / 咩 mat1 (je5) / me1e5 what 邊度 / 邊處 bin1 dou6 ...

More definitions of "interrogative":

  • (adj): Relating to verbs in the so-called interrogative mood.
    Example: "Not all questions have an interrogative construction"
  • (noun): Some linguists consider interrogative sentences to constitute a mood.
    Synonyms: interrogative mood