What is interrogation?


Interrogation (also called questioning or interpellation) is interviewing as commonly employed by officers of the police, military, and Intelligence agencies with the goal of extracting a confession or obtaining information. Subjects of interrogation are often the suspects, victims, or witnesses of a crime. Interrogation may involve a diverse array of techniques, ranging from developing a rapport with the subject to outright torture.

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Steven Kleinman
... and a recognized expert in the fields of human intelligence, strategic interrogation, special operations, and special survival training ... Kleinman served as an interrogator, the chief of a joint interrogation team, and as a senior advisor on interrogation to a special operations task force ... He was formerly the Director of the Air Force Combat Interrogation Course ...
Sleep Deprivation - Uses - Interrogation
... Sleep deprivation can be used as a means of interrogation, which has resulted in court trials over whether or not the technique is a form of torture ... Under one interrogation technique, a subject might be kept awake for several days and when finally allowed to fall asleep, suddenly awakened and questioned ... Justice Department released four memos in August 2002 describing interrogation techniques used by the Central Intelligence Agency ...
Murder Of Meredith Kercher - Prosecutions - Raffaele Sollecito - Interrogation
... in again around 10 pm on 5 November, accompanied by Knox, for the crucial, final interrogation ...
List Of Landmark Court Decisions In The United States - Criminal Law - Right To An Attorney
... The interrogation must stop if the suspect states he or she wishes to remain silent. 07-1529 (2009) A defendant may waive his right to counsel for police interrogation, even if police initiate the interrogation after the defendant's assertion of his right to counsel at an arraignment or ...
Movement For Increased Recording of Interrogations in The US
... for mandatory electronic recording of all custodial interrogations in the United States ... "Electronic recording" describes the process of recording interrogations from start to finish ... Taped interrogation" is the traditional term for this process however, as analog is becoming less and less common, statutes and scholars are referring to the ...

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  • (noun): A transmission that will trigger an answering transmission from a transponder.