What is interpret?

Some articles on interpret:

Connie Zweig - Fundamentals - Archetypes
... framework, archetypes are innate, universal prototypes for ideas and may be used to interpret observations ... talk to a manifestation of anima and that she taught him how to interpret dreams ... As soon as he could interpret on his own, Jung said that she ceased talking to him because she was no longer needed ...
REXX - Syntax - Keyword Instructions - INTERPRET
... The INTERPRET instruction evaluates its argument and treats its value as a REXX statement ... Sometimes INTERPRET is the clearest way to perform a task, but it is often used where clearer code is possible using, e.g ... /* a touch of LISP */ X = 'square' interpret 'say' X
Interpret Scotland
... Interpret Scotland is an inter-agency initiative between Scottish organisations concerned with heritage interpretation ... resources, expertise and experience to avoid duplicating effort The Interpret Scotland journal, which is published twice a year, has been running since 2000 ... Interpret Scotland can be credited with raising awareness of professional heritage interpretation within Scotland, particularly through inter-agency support and networking ...

More definitions of "interpret":

  • (verb): Create an image or likeness of.
    Synonyms: represent
  • (verb): Make sense of; assign a meaning to.
    Example: "How do you interpret his behavior?"
    Synonyms: construe, see
  • (verb): Give an interpretation or rendition of.
    Synonyms: render
  • (verb): Restate (words) from one language into another language.
    Example: "Can you interpret the speech of the visiting dignitaries?"
    Synonyms: translate, render
  • (verb): Give an interpretation or explanation to.

Famous quotes containing the word interpret:

    Those who dare to interpret God’s will must never claim Him as an asset for one nation or group rather than another. War springs from the love and loyalty which should be offered to God being applied to some God substitute, one of the most dangerous being nationalism.
    Robert Runcie (b. 1921)

    Intuition is not infallible; it only seems to be the truth. It is a message which we may interpret wrongly.
    Christina Stead (1902–1983)

    If art has a purpose, it is to interpret life, reproduce it in fresh visions.
    Catherine Drinker Bowen (1897–1973)