What is intercontinental?

  • (adj): Extending or taking place between or among continents.
    Example: "Intercontinental exploration"; "intercontinental flights"


InterContinental is a brand of luxury hotels, founded by Pan American World Airways, under Juan Trippe, and now owned by InterContinental Hotels Group. The chain operates over 200 hotels and resorts in approximately 75 nations.

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Chinese Taipei National Baseball Team - International Competition - Intercontinental Cup
... See also 2006 Intercontinental Cup The team's first appearance at the Intercontinental Cup was in 1973 ... in the 1975, 1979, 1981, 1993 and 1997 Intercontinental Cup ... Japan, Nicaragua and the United States remain Taiwan's four biggest rivals in the Intercontinental Cup ...
Le Vendôme Intercontinental Hotel
... Le Vendôme Intercontinental Hotel is a five-star luxury hotel in Beirut, Lebanon ... Considered one of Lebanon's most upmarket hotels, Le Vendôme Intercontinental is located in the Ras Beirut district of Beirut, on the shoreline of the ...
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33.97889 -118.41556 California InterContinental University (CalUniversity) Seal of the California InterContinental University Motto "Vision ... Colors Dark Red and Gray Mascot Eagle Website http//www.caluniversity.edu California InterContinental University, often referred to simply as CalUniversity, (formerly the California University of ...
Shadeep Silva - Biography
... year he played ACC Premier League matches against Nepal and Hong Kong in addition to an ICC Intercontinental Cup match against Namibia in what was his second first-class match ... He played a one-day match against a Scotland XI and an Intercontinental Cup match against Scotland on the Scottish leg of the tour, and an Intercontinental Cup match against Canada ... He played an Intercontinental Cup match against Bermuda between the two tournaments ...
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... talks with the Central Bank of Nigeria to acquire Intercontinental Bank Plc ... Nigeria and the Securities Exchange Commission, Access Bank Plc (“Access”) and Intercontinental Bank Plc (“Intercontinental Bank”) announce the completion of the ... Effective today, Intercontinental Bank (including all its assets, liabilities and undertakings) becomes a subsidiary of Access Bank Plc ...