What is humanity?

  • (noun): The quality of being humane.
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Humanity - Publications
... Humanity (journal), an academic journal published by the University of Pennsylvania Press humanity, a journal of non-fiction and photography published by The Humanity Initiative (www.humanity.org) from 1991 to 1996 ...
Lord (Kamen Rider) - Fictional History
... Unidentified Lifeforms (Gurongi Tribe) that attacked humanity two years ago ... tribe, defending them from the Gurongi in the past, thus linking the Lords to the Linto as humanity's protectors ...
Last Days Of Humanity - History
... was in a grindcore band called Fatal Error prior to joining Last Days of Humanity ... he saw the opportunity to add their own noise project to the bill, and Last Days of Humanity was born ... Last Days of Humanity at this time consisted of only two vocalists (Erwin and Hans) ...
Looking Glass (series) - Book 2 - Vorpal Blade
... In dealing with the Looking Glasses, humanity has discovered precisely one friendly species ... About a hundred years in advance of humanity, the Adar have had all sorts of problems with the hostile entity known as the Dreen and their slave races ... With the discovery of an ally in Humanity they look forward to a brighter future ...
Church Of Humanity
... Church of Humanity was a positivist church influenced by Auguste Comte's "religion of humanity." Comte's "religion of humanity" in France, although small ... For example Anna Haycraft was raised in the "Church of Humanity" before converting to Catholicism. 1870s the positivist organization led to an American version of the "Church of Humanity." This was largely modeled on the English church ...

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Famous quotes containing the word humanity:

    How prone poor Humanity is to dam up the minutest remnants of its freedom, and build an artificial roof to prevent it looking up to the clear blue sky.
    —E.T.A.W. (Ernst Theodor Amadeus Wilhelm)

    But nothing is better than a truth which appears not to have the semblance of truth. There is always something incomprehensible about the great heroic deeds performed by humanity because they rise so far beyond the mediocre measure of mere mortals; but it is always only because of the incredible feats that human beings have accomplished that humanity recovers its faith in itself.
    Stefan Zweig (18811942)