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The Age Of Revolution: Europe 1789–1848
... Europe 1789–1848 is a book by Eric Hobsbawm, first published in 1962 ... "the long 19th century" (coined by Hobsbawm), followed by The Age of Capital 1848–1875, and The Age of Empire 1875–1914 ... Hobsbawm analyzed the early 19th century, and indeed the whole process of modernization thereafter, using what he calls the twin revolution thesis ...
Andy Hobsbawm
... Andrew John "Andy" Hobsbawm (born 1950) established his first international Internet agency in 1994 and was a founding director of a British new media company, Online Magic, which merged with Agency.com in 1997 ... Hobsbawm, he lives in North London ...
The Age Of Extremes
... The Age of Extremes The Short Twentieth Century, 1914–1991 is a book by Eric Hobsbawm, published in 1994 ... In it, Hobsbawm comments on what he sees as the disastrous failures of state communism, capitalism, and nationalism he offers an equally skeptical take on the progress of the arts and ... Hobsbawm calls the period from the start of World War I to the fall of the so-called Soviet bloc "the short twentieth century", to follow on "the long 19th century", the ...
The Age Of Extremes - Failure of Communism
... As Hobsbawm puts it, "Capitalism had proved far easier to overthrow where it was weak or barely existed than in its heartlands." Even within Russia, Hobsbawm doubts the ostensibly "progressive ... even less educated and qualified than before." It is a central thesis of Hobsbawm's book that, from the start, State Socialism betrayed the socialist and internationalist vision it claimed to ... society, whose very insistence on unchanging permanence and harmony had been its weakness." Hobsbawm draws a straight line from this belief to the disastrous Great Leap Forward and the subsequent ...
Sans-culottes - Analysis
... Marxist historian Eric Hobsbawm observes that the sans-culottes were a 'shapeless, mostly urban movement of the labouring poor, small craftsmen, shopkeepers, artisans ... Hobsbawm writes that these were the actual demonstrators, rioters and the constructors of barricades ... From Hobsbawm's perspective, the ideal of the sans-culottes, which sought to express the interests of the 'little men' who existed between the poles of the bourgeois and the proletarian, was ...

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    Xenophobia looks like becoming the mass ideology of the 20th-century fin-de-siècle. What holds humanity together today is the denial of what the human race has in common.
    —Eric J. Hobsbawm (b. 1917)

    It seems that American patriotism measures itself against an outcast group. The right Americans are the right Americans because they’re not like the wrong Americans, who are not really Americans.
    —Eric J. Hobsbawm (b. 1917)

    As the global expansion of Indian and Chinese restaurants suggests, xenophobia is directed against foreign people, not foreign cultural imports.
    —Eric J. Hobsbawm (b. 1917)