What is historiographer?

  • (noun): A person who is an authority on history and who studies it and writes about it.
    Synonyms: historian

Some articles on historiographer, historiographers:

... Historiographer of the Realm or Royal Historiographer), existed in Sweden from the early 17th century until 1834 ... Christina, several individuals were appointed either just "historiographer" or "historiographer royal", with occasionally several at the same time holding the position. 1642, Arnold Johan Messenius and Johannes Loccenius are mentioned as historiographers, a couple of years later Bogislaus Philipp von Chemnitz, and a few years later they are all ...
Samuel Von Pufendorf - Biography - Career As Author
... In 1677 Pufendorf was called to Stockholm as Historiographer Royal ... His son Frederick III fulfilled the promises of his father and Pufendorf, historiographer and privy councillor, was instructed to write a history of the Elector Frederick William (De rebus gestis Frederici ... He was succeeded as historiographer in Berlin by Charles Ancillon ...