What is Hibernia?

  • (noun): An island comprising the republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.
    Synonyms: Ireland, Emerald Isle


Hibernia is the Classical Latin name for the island of Ireland. The name Hibernia was taken from Greek geographical accounts. During his exploration of northwest Europe (c. 320 BC), Pytheas of Massilia called the island Iérnē (written Ἰέρνη). In his book Geographia (c. 150 AD), Claudius Ptolemaeus ("Ptolemy") called the island Iouerníā (written Ἰουερνία). It is likely that the Romans saw a connection between these historical names and the Latin word hibernus meaning wintry. In any case, the Roman historian Tacitus, in his book Agricola (c. 98 AD), uses the name Hibernia. The Romans also sometimes used Scotia, "land of the Scoti", as a geographical term for Ireland in general, as well as just the part inhabited by those people.

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... In 1873 the Hibernia was also under contract to repair the French Atlantic Cable, that stretched from Brest to Saint-Pierre and Miquelon with Wilson Robert Cato as Master at Sheerness ... The Hibernia assisted the Great Eastern in its laying telegraph cables from Heart's Content, Newfoundland to Valentia, County Kerry, Ireland in 1873 and 1874 ... Hibernia's task was the laying the short ends of the cables that came ashore ...
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... Hibernia as a national personification representing Ireland appeared in numerous cartoon and drawings, especially in the nineteenth century ... As depicted in frequent cartoons in Punch, a magazine outspokenly hostile to Irish nationalism, Hibernia was shown as "Britannia's younger sister" ... Unable to defend herself, Hibernia turns to the strong, armoured Britannia for defence ...
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