What is hardware?

  • (noun): (computer science) the mechanical, magnetic, electronic, and electrical components making up a computer system.
    Synonyms: computer hardware
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Some articles on hardware:

DirectSound - OS Support - Windows 95
... Dsound.vxd), allowing direct access to the primary buffer used by the audio hardware and thus, providing the lowest possible latency between the user-mode API and ... improved WDM audio support by adding DirectSound hardware buffering, DirectSound3D hardware abstraction, KMixer sample-rate conversion (SRC) for capture streams, multichannel ... If the audio hardware supports hardware mixing (also known as hardware buffering or DirectSound hardware acceleration), DirectSound buffers directly to the rendering ...
Operating System Abstraction Layer
... making it easier and quicker to develop code for multiple software or hardware platforms ... to the OS APIs, the OS Abstraction Layer project may also provide a hardware abstraction layer, designed to provide a portable interface to hardware devices such as memory, I/O ports ... makefiles that facilitate building a project for a particular OS and hardware platform ...
... These threads are rooted either in a task or a hardware interrupt ... from application components to those closer to the hardware, while events call upwards ... Certain primitive events are bound to hardware interrupts ...
DirectSound - Features
... number of audio sources, however the practical limits are the number of hardware audio sources and the performance of software mixers ... On supported sound cards, DirectSound would try to use "hardware accelerated" buffers, i.e ... If hardware acceleration is not available, DirectSound would create audio buffers in the system memory and use purely software mixing ...
The Code Page Numbering System
... IBM's extended ASCII encoding as used in its PC hardware ... The text mode of standard (VGA-compatible) PC graphics hardware is built around using an 8-bit code page, though it is possible to use two at once with some color ... of 3rd party code page fonts that could be loaded into such hardware ...

More definitions of "hardware":

  • (noun): Instrumentalities (tools or implements) made of metal.
    Synonyms: ironware
  • (noun): Major items of military weaponry (as tanks or missile).

Famous quotes containing the word hardware:

    A friend of mine spoke of books that are dedicated like this: “To my wife, by whose helpful criticism ...” and so on. He said the dedication should really read: “To my wife. If it had not been for her continual criticism and persistent nagging doubt as to my ability, this book would have appeared in Harper’s instead of The Hardware Age.”
    Brenda Ueland (1891–1985)