What is graze?

  • (noun): A superficial abrasion.
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Some articles on graze, grazes:

Gerald Graze
... Gerald Graze was the brother of Stanley Graze ... In 1944, Katherine Perlo, the ex-wife of Soviet spy Victor Perlo, named Gerald Graze as a member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) was employed in government ... Gerald Graze was also listed in the Lee Report of Department of State security risks compiled in about 1947 by Robert Lee ...
Ashdown Forest Llama Park - Conservation Measures
... of the forest - exercising their rights of common to graze livestock, cut bracken, etc ... having only become 'commonable' since 1900) are particularly useful because they graze scrub and in places that are difficult to mow ... to be created in the south and west Chases to allow Commoners to graze their livestock in safety ...
Grazing Lunar Occultation
... A grazing lunar occultation (also lunar grazing occultation, lunar graze, or just graze) occurs when one of the two edges of the moon parallel to its orbital path ... Grazes unfold over the course of a few minutes, and depending on the lunar terrain and the observer’s position, the object may disappear and reappear just once or more than 10 ... Observers deployed just a few hundred metres apart on a line perpendicular to the graze path may make radically different observations ...
Redgrave And Lopham Fen - Management - Grazing
... owned by the Trust and beef cattle from local farms graze on the dryer areas of scrub, heath and fen margins and help prevent the expansion of scrub ... In 1995 the reserve introduced a herd of Polish Konik ponies to graze the wetter areas of the fen ... chosen over native breeds for their hardiness and ability to graze in very wet conditions ...
Anza (missile) - Specifications
... containing 0.37 kg HE) with contact and graze fusing HE fragmentation (containing 0.55 kg HE) with contact and graze fusing HE fragmentation (containi ...

More definitions of "graze":

  • (verb): Feed as in a meadow or pasture.
    Example: "The herd was grazing"
    Synonyms: crop, browse, range, pasture
  • (verb): Scrape gently.
    Example: "Graze the skin"
    Synonyms: crease, rake
  • (verb): Eat lightly, try different dishes.
    Synonyms: browse
  • (verb): Break the skin (of a body part) by scraping.
    Example: "She was grazed by the stray bullet"
  • (noun): The act of grazing.
    Synonyms: grazing
  • (verb): Let feed in a field or pasture or meadow.
    Synonyms: crop, pasture

Famous quotes containing the word graze:

    A good horse will never return to graze on grass it has already passed by.
    Chinese proverb.