What is glide path?

Glide Path

Glide Path is a novel by Arthur C. Clarke, published in 1963. Clarke's only non-science fiction novel, it is set during World War II, and tells a fictionalized version of the development of the radar-based ground-controlled approach (called "ground-controlled descent" in the novel) aircraft landing system, and includes a character modeled on Luis Alvarez, who developed this system. It is based on Clarke's own wartime service with the Royal Air Force, during which he worked on the GCA project.

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Ground-controlled Approach
... from either a Precision Approach Radar (PAR, for precision approaches with vertical, glide path guidance) or an Airport Surveillance Radar (ASR, providing a non-precision Surveillance ... the term GCA applies specifically to the precision radar approach with glide path guidance ...
Glide Path
... Glide Path is a novel by Arthur C ... Clarke, published in 1963 ...
Ground-controlled Approach - Overview
... The instructions include both descent rate (glide path) and heading (course) corrections necessary to follow the correct approach path ... to the extended runway centerline, and Elevation, showing vertical position relative to the ideal glide path ... Clarke's novel Glide Path fictionalizes the original development of GCA ...

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