What is Gallic?

  • (adj): Of or pertaining to Gaul or the Gauls.
    Example: "Ancient Gallic dialects"; "Gallic migrations"; "the Gallic Wars"
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Arverni - Gallic Wars
... The Arverni later played an important role in the Gallic Wars of Julius Caesar from 58 BC to 51 BC ... This accomplished, Vercingetorix forged an alliance with many other Gallic tribes, and led them in the last significant Gallic offensive against the Romans ...
Celtillus - History
... Gallia Narbonensis (modern Provence) in 58 BC, Julius Caesar proceeded to conquer the Gallic tribes beyond over the next few years, maintaining control through a ... He made use of the factionalism among the Gallic elites, favoring certain noblemen over others with political support and Roman luxuries such as wine ... to rule all of Gaul, managed to unify the Gallic tribes against the Romans and adopted more current styles of warfare ...
Marcellinus (magister Militum And Patrician) - Coniuratio Marcellana
... after the death of Avitus who was of Gallic origin and from amongst their own ranks ... make much sense to place Marcellinus as the person in question for this action of the Gallic aristocracy since he is not Gallic and most likely comes from a wealthy Dalmatian family ... as the person being spoken of has only led others to assume then that he is Gallic in origin when there is absolutely no evidence to support this ...
List Of Empire Ships (G) - Suffix Beginning With G - Empire Gallic
... Empire Gallic was a 1,944 GRT cargo ship which was built by Deutsche Werft, Hamburg ... To MoWT and renamed Empire Gallic ...
Amphitheatre Of The Three Gauls - History - First Building
... who financed its construction belonged to an old Gallic family in Saintes which had held Roman citizenship since the Gallic Wars and also built the arch ... Other stones bear the names of Gallic tribes (Arverni, Tricasses, Bituriges) confiring its identification as federal sanctuary ... cult, with its low capacity (1,800 seats) being enough for delegations from the 60 Gallic tribes ...

More definitions of "Gallic":

  • (adj): Of or pertaining to France or the people of France.
    Example: "A gallic shrug"
    Synonyms: French