What is fructify?

  • (verb): Make productive or fruitful.
    Example: "The earth that he fructified"
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Fructification (Latin: fructificatio) is a term used in the plant morphology to denote the generative parts of the plant (flower and fruit) (as opposed to its vegetative parts: trunk, roots and leaves). Sometimes it is applied more broadly to the generative parts of gymnosperms, ferns, horsetails, and lycophytes, though they produce neither fruit nor flower.

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... Since the works of Andrea Caesalpino (1519–1603) the characters of fructification have been extensively used as a basis for the scientific classification of plants ... Carolus Linnaeus (1707–1778) raised the description of the parts of fructification to an unprecedented level of precision ...

More definitions of "fructify":

  • (verb): Bear fruit.
    Example: "The apple trees fructify"
    Synonyms: set
  • (verb): Become productive or fruitful.
    Example: "The seeds fructified"