What is frisk?

  • (noun): The act of searching someone for concealed weapons or illegal drugs.
    Synonyms: frisking
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More definitions of "frisk":

  • (verb): Search as for concealed weapons by running the hands rapidly over the clothing and through the pockets.
    Example: "The police frisked everyone at the airport"

Famous quotes containing the word frisk:

    O brilliant kids, frisk with your dog,
    Fondle your shells and sticks, bleached
    By time and the elements; but there is a line
    You must not cross
    Hart Crane (1899–1932)

    We were as twinned lambs that did frisk i’ the sun
    And bleat the one at th’ other. What we changed
    Was innocence for innocence; we knew not
    The doctrine of ill-doing, nor dreamed
    That any did. Had we pursued that life,
    And our weak spirits ne’er been higher reared
    With stronger blood, we should have answered heaven
    Boldly “Not guilty,” the imposition cleared
    Hereditary ours.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)