What is fragmentation?

  • (noun): The disintegration of social norms governing behavior and thought and social relationships.
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Some articles on fragmentation:

Short Story Cycle - History
... this proliferation in keeping with modernism and its use of fragmentation, juxtaposition and simultaneism to reflect what the "multiplicity" that characterizes the ... that ethnic writers find the format useful "as a metaphor for the fragmentation and multiplicity of ethnic lives" insofar as it highights "the subjectivity of experience and understanding" by allowing "mult ...
Fragmentation - Other
... Fragmentation (chemistry), a technique to study structure of molecules Fragmentation (computer) a phenomenon of computer storage Fragmentation (economics ...
Mass Spectrum Analysis - Fragmentation - Toluene Example
... The mass spectrum for toluene has around 30 signals ... Several peaks can be rationalized in this fragmentation pattern ...
Strewn Field - Formation
... There are two strewnfield formation mechanisms Mid-air fragmentation when a large meteoroid enters the atmosphere it often fragments into many pieces before touching the ground due ... Impact fragmentation when there is almost no mid-air fragmentation the fragmentation can occur upon impact ...
Apoptotic DNA Fragmentation - Detection Assays
... There are many methods to assess the DNA fragmentation caused by apoptosis and also many commercial kits are available ... Some new methods do quantification assays for DNA Fragmentation by flow cytometry and fluorescent assays ... Apoptotic DNA fragmentation is often analyzed using agarose gel electrophoresis to demonstrate a "ladder" pattern at ~180-BP intervals ...

More definitions of "fragmentation":

  • (noun): (computer science) the condition of a file that is broken up and stored in many different locations on a magnetic disk.
    Example: "Fragmentation slows system performance because it takes extra time to locate and assemble the parts of the fragmented file"
  • (noun): The scattering of bomb fragments after the bomb explodes.