What is format?

  • (noun): The organization of information according to preset specifications (usually for computer processing).
    Synonyms: formatting, data format, data formatting
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Some articles on format, formats:

National Drug Code Format
... The official FDA format for NDCs separates the 3 segments with dashes ... This is the format in which the NDC must be submitted by labelers since mandatory electronic listing was established in June 2009 ... This format is easily transformed to the official format in effect today by deleting the asterisk (if any) ...
Fansub - Legal and Ethical Issues
... is working to release their uncut, unedited episodes of One Piece in multiple formats, releasing earlier season sections alongside boxsets more recent ... VIZ's boxset format releases for Naruto and Prince of Tennis also attempt to deliver larger chunks of a series to fans in a quick and efficient manner ... in the mid 2000s, releasing a handful of volumes of each title in the format, but in an interview with ANN Alfred Kahn stated that "The market for them just isn't as large as the one for the cut ...
2003 NBA Finals - Series Summary
88-77 (4-2) New Jersey Nets The Finals were played using a 2-3-2 site format, where the first two and last two games are held at the team with home court advantage ... The NBA, after experimenting in the early years, restored this original format for the Finals in 1985 ... other playoff series are still running on a 2-2-1-1-1 site format ...
File Format - Identifying File Type - Filename Extension
... including Windows, Mac OS X, CP/M, DOS, VMS, and VM/CMS, is to determine the format of a file based on the end of its name—the letters following the final period ... Many formats still use three-character extensions even though modern operating systems and application programs no longer have this limitation ... standard list of extensions, more than one format can use the same extension, which can confuse both the operating system and users ...
Qui Veut Gagner Des Millions ? - Gameplay Rules - New Formats and Variations - Clock Format
... version changed its format so that contestants were required to answer questions within a time limit each of 15 seconds for questions 1–5, 30 seconds ... When the clock format was implemented, the questions were assigned to categories, and the 50/50 and Switch the Question lifelines were replaced with Double Dip and Ask the Expert, Ask The Expert being ... Sam Murray, who became the first person to win the top prize of US$1 Million with the clock format ...

More definitions of "format":

  • (verb): Determine the arrangement of (data) for storage and display (in computer science).
  • (noun): The general appearance of a publication.
  • (verb): Divide (a disk) into marked sectors so that it may store data.
    Example: "Please format this disk before entering data!"
    Synonyms: initialize, initialise
  • (verb): Set (printed matter) into a specific format.
    Example: "Format this letter so it can be printed out"
    Synonyms: arrange