What is footing?

  • (noun): A relation that provides the foundation for something.
    Example: "They were on a friendly footing"
    Synonyms: basis, ground
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The word footing has a number of meanings:

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Cross-country Equestrianism - Course - Footing
... Good footing is very important to most eventers, as it helps decrease the wear-and-tear the sport has on their horses and avoid injury that may occur due ... The rider should always take care to note the footing while walking the course, and adjust the planned route to avoid patches that are especially boggy, slippery, or rough ... Footing is never used to make a course more difficult (for example, a fence is never purposely placed in a boggy area or one with sharp rocks) ...
Shallow Foundation - Spread Footing Foundation
... A spread footing foundation, which is typical in residential building, has a wider bottom portion than the load-bearing foundation walls it supports ... The design and layout of spread footings is controlled by several factors, foremost of which is the weight (load) of the structure it will support as well ... A spread footing which changes elevation in several places in a series of vertical "steps" in order to follow the contours of a sloping site or accommodate changes in soil strata ...
... The word footing has a number of meanings Architecture, Foundation (architecture) Translation Science, Footing (translation theory) Bookkeeping, Footing (bookkeeping ...
Eastern Span Replacement Of The San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge - Design and Construction - Eastern Viaduct Construction Continues - Eastern Viaduct Column and Footing Design
... tubular piles were driven (inside cofferdams) at angles, forming a "battered" (splayed) footing ... at the bottom of the cofferdam to form a footing for the column, subsequently cast in place around rebar using reusable metal formwork ...
Hadrian Wall - Construction - Standards
... the curtain wall's foundations, one or more footing courses were laid ... Offsets were introduced above these footing courses (on both the north and south faces), which reduced the wall's width ... Standard A, where the offset occurs above the first footing course, and Standard B where the offset occurs after the third (or sometimes fourth) footing course ...

More definitions of "footing":

  • (noun): A place providing support for the foot in standing or climbing.
    Synonyms: foothold
  • (noun): Status with respect to the relations between people or groups.
    Example: "On a friendly footing"
    Synonyms: terms

Famous quotes containing the word footing:

    As a tiger may lose its footing on soft ground, so people may be tripped up by sweet words.
    Chinese proverb.

    Blind fear that seeing reason leads finds safer footing than blind reason stumbling without fear. To fear the worst oft cures the worst.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    Flowers laugh before thee upon their beds
    And fragrance in thy footing treads;
    Thou dost preserve the stars from wrong;
    And the most ancient heavens, through thee, are fresh and strong.
    William Wordsworth (1770–1850)