What is fool away?

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Fool - Music
... Songs "The Fool" (Lee Ann Womack song) "The Fool", 1971 hit single by Gilbert Montagné "The Fool", 1956 hit single by Sanford Clark, written by Lee ... Fool", song by Shakira from Laundry Service "Fool", song by Cat Power from You Are Free "The Fool", song by Neutral Milk Hotel, from In the Aeroplane ...
Live II - Personnel
1973) Energized (1974) Rock and Roll Outlaws (1974) Fool for the City (1975) Night Shift (1976) Foghat Live (1977) Stone Blue (1978) Boogie Motel (1979) Tight Shoes (1980) Girls to ...
Craftsman (album) - Track Listing
... Fool on the Roof" – 409 "Fools for Each Other" – 415 "Shade of All Greens" – 313 "Voilà, An American Dream" – 346 "One Paper Kid" (Walter Cowart ...
A Fool There Was (1914 Film)
... A Fool There Was is a 1914 American film featuring Oliver Hardy ... after the release of the 1915 film starring Theda Bara also titled A Fool There Was ...
Submarine Tracks & Fool's Gold
... Submarine Tracks Fool's Gold is a various artists compilation album made up of acts on Chiswick Records ... and author Dave Thompson describes Submarine Tracks Fool's Gold as a "driving" collection, rating it "eight out of ten" ...

Famous quotes containing the word fool:

    You can fool all the people all the time if the advertising is right and the budget is big enough.
    Joseph E. Levine (b. 1905)

    A spoon does not know the taste of soup, nor a learned fool the taste of wisdom.
    Welsh proverb.