What is fob?

  • (noun): An adornment that hangs from a watch chain.
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List Of Closed United States Army Installations In Iraq - Forward Operating Bases (FOB)
... FOB Abu Ghraib, located outside Baghdad FOB Aggie (Hammam Al Allil, Mosul) FOB Al Asad FOB al Kut FOB Al-Tawheed Al-Thalith (Baghdad) FOB Arrow (Ad Dawr) FOB Atlas / FOB Hellhound FOB Baharia FOB Bandit Island (Ba ...
Camp Ashraf - History - Ashraf During Occupation of Iraq - Military Presence
... Forward Operating Base Grizzly (formerly FOB Spartan, FOB Red Lion, FOB Barbarian) ... As of Summer of 2010, US Forces no longer maintain a presence at FOB Grizzly after handing over the facility to the Government of Iraq, effectively ending direct US monitoring of Camp Ashraf ...
Smart Keys - Backup in Case of Low Battery
... LF antenna (transponder coil) hidden behind to compensate for a weakened fob battery ... Another problem with the slot is it can't compensate for a fob battery below certain operating threshold ... Most smartkey batteries are temperature sensitive causing the fob to become intermittent, fully functional, or inoperative all in the same day ...
FOB Gibraltar
... FOB Gibraltar was a British-manned Forward Operating Base in Helmand Province, Afghanistan next to the Helmand River, near the town of Sangin ... The mission for FOB Gibraltar was to train and support Afghan soldiers and take Taliban pressure off the Sangin area, so that the soldiers and the PRT could ... Taliban fighters who attacked FOB Gibaltar during the summer of 2008 referred to the base as the 'mouth of hell' or 'devil's place' ...
Task Force 402 - Deployment
... Upon completion of training at Fort Bragg, NC, the unit deployed to Baqubah, Iraq, FOB Warhorse in 2006 ... Missions also included the following bases LSAA Aanaconda, FOB Paliwada, COB Speicher, FOB Cobra, International Zone, FOB Caldwell, FOB Normandy and many other smaller FOBs ...

More definitions of "fob":

  • (noun): A vest pocket to hold a pocket watch.
    Synonyms: watch pocket

Famous quotes containing the word fob:

    If you want to use a cliché you must take full responsibility for it yourself and not try to fob it off on anon., or on society.
    Lewis Thomas (b. 1913)