What is felon?

  • (noun): A purulent infection at the end of a finger or toe in the area surrounding the nail.
    Synonyms: whitlow
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A felony is a serious crime in some common law countries. The term originates from English common law where felonies were originally crimes which involved the confiscation of a convicted person's land and goods; other crimes were called misdemeanors. Many common law countries have now abolished the felony/misdemeanor distinction and replaced it with other distinctions such as between indictable offences and summary offences. A felony is generally considered to be a crime of "high seriousness", while a misdemeanor is not.

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Muntaqim V. Coombe - Overview
... allowed to vote under New York's existing felon-disenfranchisement law unless he were to be pardoned ... Bottom's challenge to New York's felon disenfranchisement law was dismissed by the United States District Court for the Northern District of New York ... on the grounds that section 2 of the Voting Rights Act does not apply to felon disenfranchisement statutes ...
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... Garner was civil rather than criminal action did not affect Michigan's Fleeing Felon Rule and that a citizen may use deadly force when restraining a ... deadly force under the common law fleeing felon rule ...
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Fleeing Felon Rule
... At Common law, the Fleeing Felon Rule permits the use of force, including deadly force, against an individual who is suspected of a felony and is in clear flight ... David Caplan "Immediate stopping of the fleeing felon, whether actually or presumably dangerous, was deemed absolutely necessary for the security of the people in a free state, and for maintaining the "public ... said that the social policy of the common law in this matter was not only to threaten dangerous felons and hence deter them, but was also to induce ...

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