What is feeling?

  • (noun): The general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect that it has on people.
    Synonyms: spirit, tone, feel, flavor, flavour, look, smell
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Feeling is the nominalization of the verb to feel. The word was first used in the English language to describe the physical sensation of touch through either experience or perception. The word is also used to describe experiences, other than the physical sensation of touch, such as "a feeling of warmth".

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Soul Kind Of Feeling
... "Soul Kind of Feeling" was a single released in September 1984 by Australian soul music group Dynamic Hepnotics from their album Take You Higher ... In 1986, "Soul Kind of Feeling" won the APRA Music Award for 'Most Performed Australasian Popular Work' ... "Soul Kind of Feeling" was written by lead singer, Robert Susz ...
Gut Feeling
... This section does not cite any references or sources A gut feeling, or gut reaction, is a visceral emotional reaction to something, and often one of uneasiness ... Gut feelings are generally regarded as not modulated by conscious thought, and as a reflection of intuition rather than rationality ... The phrase "gut feeling" may also be used as a short-hand term for an individual's "common sense" perception of what is considered "the right thing to do" such as helping an ...
Center For Feeling Therapy - Abandonment of Primal Therapy
... Shortly thereafter, the therapists at the Center for Feeling Therapy had a "major ideological shift.. ... "had been faking their primals." Indeed, one of the Center for Feeling therapists, Jerry Binder, claimed that "a lot of what had been said was a lie" for his testimonial in Janov's book ... them "didn't even exist" and that Janov's cure was "a cruel hoax." Soon after, the Center for Feeling therapists replaced Janov's formulation with their own ideas emphasizing "present-life feelings." Riggs instituted ...
Stratification Of Emotional Life (Scheler) - Scheler's Analysis of The Strata of Emotive Life
... For Scheler, human feelings, feeling states and emotions display a meaningful and progressive pattern of levels from our peripheral to the deeper more stable structures of personality ... At our most periphery we have sensible feelings (e.g ... These feelings are shortest in duration, extended and localizable with reference to the lived-body, and are the most readily alterable and accessible through external means and stimuli ...
The Managed Heart: The Commercialization Of Human Feeling
... The Managed heart Commercialization of Human Feeling, by Arlie Russell Hochschild, was first published in 1979 and a new preface was added in 1983 ... Gender and racial differences of feeling and expressing emotion ...

More definitions of "feeling":

  • (noun): An intuitive understanding of something.
    Example: "He had a great feeling for music"
    Synonyms: intuitive feeling
  • (noun): The experiencing of affective and emotional states.
    Example: "She had a feeling of euphoria"; "he had terrible feelings of guilt"; "I disliked him and the feeling was mutual"
  • (noun): A vague idea in which some confidence is placed.
    Example: "I had a feeling that she was lying"
    Synonyms: impression, belief, notion, opinion
  • (noun): A physical sensation that you experience.
    Example: "He had a queasy feeling"; "I had a strange feeling in my leg"; "he lost all feeling in his arm"

Famous quotes containing the word feeling:

    Therefore it was surprising that, as we kept the newspapers from
    She died feeling responsible for a disaster unverified,
    Murmuring, in her sleep as it seemed, the ancient slogan
    Noblesse oblige.
    Josephine Miles (1911–1985)

    Name me, if you can, a better feeling than the one you get when you’ve half a bottle of Chivas in the bag with a gram of coke up your nose and a teenage lovely pulling off her tube top in the next seat over while you’re doing a hundred miles an hour in a suburban side street.
    —P.J. (Patrick Jake)

    Instead of feeling a poverty when we encounter a great man, let us treat the new comer like a travelling geologist, who passes through our estate, and shows us good slate, or limestone, or anthracite, in our brush pasture.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)