What is familiarity?

Some articles on familiarity:

Remember Versus Know Judgements - Role of Remember-know Paradigm in Understanding Psychological Disorders - Epilepsy
... has been used to settle the debate over whether the hippocampus plays a critical role in familiarity of objects ... plays a critical role in the familiarity of objects ... conducted using the remember-know distinction to understand this idea of familiarity and whether it is in fact the hippocampus that plays this critical role ...
Recognition Memory - Neural Underpinnings
... On the whole, research concerning the neural substrates of familiarity and recollection demonstrates that these processes typically involve different brain regions, thereby supporting a dual-process ... the close proximity of regions involved in familiarity to regions involved in recollection, it is difficult to pinpoint the structures that are specifically related to recollection or to ...
Metamemory - Theories - Cue Familiarity Hypothesis
... The cue familiarity hypothesis was proposed by Reder and Ritter after completing a pair of experiments which indicated that individuals can evaluate their ability to answer a question before ... implies that judgements regarding metamemory are based on an individual’s level of familiarity with the information provided in the cue ...
Metamemory - Theories - Interactive Hypothesis
... The interactive hypothesis constitutes a combination of the cue familiarity and accessibility hypotheses ... According to this hypothesis, cue familiarity is employed initially, and only once cue familiarity fails to provide enough information to make an inference does accessibility come into ... to make a metamemory judgment judgments which occur quickly are based on cue familiarity, while slower responses are based on both cue familiarity and accessibility ...
Gustatory Cortex - Taste Familiarity
... GC units signal taste familiarity at a delayed temporal phase of the response ... An analysis suggests that specific neuronal populations participate in the processing of familiarity for specific tastants ... Furthermore, the neural signature of familiarity is correlated with familiarization with a specific tastant rather than with any tastant ...

More definitions of "familiarity":

  • (noun): Usualness by virtue of being familiar or well known.

Famous quotes containing the word familiarity:

    But while ignorance can make you insensitive, familiarity can also numb. Entering the second half-century of an information age, our cumulative knowledge has changed the level of what appalls, what stuns, what shocks.
    Anna Quindlen (b. 1952)

    The familiarity of those who are superior embitters because it may not be returned.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    We are rarely able to interact only with folks like ourselves, who think as we do. No matter how much some of us deny this reality and long for the safety and familiarity of sameness, inclusive ways of knowing and living offer us the only true way to emancipate ourselves from the divisions that limit our minds and imaginations.
    bell hooks (b. 1955)