What is expression?

  • (noun): The style of expressing yourself.
    Example: "His manner of expression showed how much he cared"
    Synonyms: formulation
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More definitions of "expression":

  • (noun): The communication (in speech or writing) of your beliefs or opinions.
    Example: "Expressions of good will"; "he helped me find expression for my ideas"
  • (noun): The act of forcing something out by squeezing or pressing.
    Example: "The expression of milk from her breast"
  • (noun): A word or phrase that particular people use in particular situations.
    Example: "Pardon the expression"
    Synonyms: saying, locution
  • (noun): (genetics) the process of expressing a gene.
  • (noun): A group of symbols that make a mathematical statement.
    Synonyms: formula

Famous quotes containing the word expression:

    ... if the Settlement seeks its expression through social activity, it must learn the difference between mere social unrest and spiritual impulse.
    Jane Addams (1860–1935)

    Wags try to invent new stories to tell about the legislature, and end by telling the old one about the senator who explained his unaccustomed possession of a large roll of bills by saying that someone pushed it over the transom while he slept. The expression “It came over the transom,” to explain any unusual good fortune, is part of local folklore.
    —For the State of Montana, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)

    Disease is a vital expression of the human organism.
    Georg Groddeck (1866–1934)