What is express?

  • (adj): Without unnecessary stops.
    Example: "An express train"; "an express shipment"
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Express - Other Uses
... Express (clothing retailer), an American specialty fashion retailer EXPRESS (data modeling language) Express (weaponry), a category of high-velocity rifles and ammunition ExpressCard, a new interface standard for ...
USA Cartoon Express
... The USA Cartoon Express was a programming block of animated productions which aired on cable television's USA Network from late 1982 to September 15, 1996 ... The Express was the first structured animation block on cable television, predating Nickelodeon's animation blocks by half a decade and Cartoon Network by more than a decade ...
Pinnacle Airlines - History
... The airline was established in February 1985 as Express Airlines I with the intent of offering regional airline passenger feed to a code sharing, major airline’s hub ... Express I began its first code sharing agreement with Republic Airlines in May 1985 ... Express I was able to accomplish this by beginning service on June 1, 1985, to 3 cities using BAe Jetstream 31 aircraft ...
York Factory Express
... The York Factory Express, usually called "the Express" and also called the Columbia Express and the Communication, was a fur brigade operated by the Hudson's Bay Company ... It was named "express" because it was not used only to transport furs and supplies but also to quickly move departmental reports and letters ... The express brigade was known as the York Factory Express on its eastbound journey in the spring, and as the Columbia Express or Autumn Express on its westbound journey in the fall ...
America West Express
... America West Express was the name for America West Airlines commuter and regional flights operated by Mesa Air Group's Mesa Airlines under a code share agreement ... Today Mesa Airlines operates for US Airways Express ... Mesa Airlines operated America West Express from hubs at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona, McCarran International Airport in Las ...

More definitions of "express":

  • (verb): Serve as a means for expressing something.
    Synonyms: carry, convey
  • (noun): Public transport consisting of a fast train or bus that makes a limited number of scheduled stops.
    Example: "He caught the express to New York"
  • (verb): Give expression to.
    Synonyms: show, evince
  • (verb): Manifest the effects of (a gene or genetic trait).
    Example: "Many of the laboratory animals express the trait"
  • (verb): Obtain from a substance, as by mechanical action.
    Example: "Italians express coffee rather than filter it"
    Synonyms: press out, extract
  • (verb): Send my rapid transport or special messenger service.
    Example: "She expressed the letter to Florida"
  • (noun): Mail that is distributed by a rapid and efficient system.
    Synonyms: express mail
  • (adj): Not tacit or implied.
    Example: "Her express wish"
  • (verb): Indicate through a symbol, formula, etc..
    Example: "Can you express this distance in kilometers?"
    Synonyms: state
  • (noun): Rapid transport of goods.
    Synonyms: expressage
  • (adv): By express.
    Example: "Please send the letter express"

Famous quotes containing the word express:

    I have no other pictures of the world apart from those which express evanescence, and callousness, vanity and anger, emptiness, or hideous useless hate. Everything has merely confirmed what I had seen and understood in my childhood: futile and sordid fits of rage, cries suddenly blanketed by the silence, shadows swallowed up for ever by the night.
    Eugène Ionesco (b. 1912)

    It is better to rage against the preventable suffering/because it leads to the suggestion of gorgeous alternatives/than to express our sadness.
    Judith Malina (b. 1926)

    I read, with a kind of hopeless envy, histories and legends of people of our craft who “do not write for money.” It must be a pleasant experience to be able to cultivate so delicate a class of motives for the privilege of doing one’s best to express one’s thoughts to people who care for them. Personally, I have yet to breathe the ether of such a transcendent sphere. I am proud to say that I have always been a working woman, and always had to be ...
    Elizabeth Stuart Phelps (1844–1911)