What is eviscerate?

  • (adj): Having been disembowelled.
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More definitions of "eviscerate":

  • (verb): Take away a vital or essential part of.
    Example: "The compromise among the parties eviscerated the bill that had been proposed"
  • (verb): Surgically remove a part of a structure or an organ.
    Synonyms: resect
  • (verb): Remove the contents of.
    Example: "Eviscerate the stomach"

Famous quotes containing the word eviscerate:

    There are flood and drouth
    Over the eyes and in the mouth,
    Dead water and dead sand
    Contending for the upper hand.
    The parched eviscerate soil
    Gapes at the vanity of toil,
    Laughs without mirth.
    This is the death of the earth.
    —T.S. (Thomas Stearns)

    But look what we have built ... low-income projects that become worse centers of delinquency, vandalism and general social hopelessness than the slums they were supposed to replace.... Cultural centers that are unable to support a good bookstore. Civic centers that are avoided by everyone but bums.... Promenades that go from no place to nowhere and have no promenaders. Expressways that eviscerate great cities. This is not the rebuilding of cities. This is the sacking of cities.
    Jane Jacobs (b. 1916)