What is eradication?

  • (noun): The complete destruction of every trace of something.
    Synonyms: obliteration


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Match Fixing In Romanian Football - Press Campaign For Eradication
... This was a turning and a decisive point in the eradication of the blat policy ... of Romanian teams was a normal consequence of eradication of blaturi due to a strong and long anti-blat campaign ...
Smallpox Survivors - History - Eradication
... Overall, however, the progress towards eradication was disappointing, especially in Africa and in the Indian subcontinent ... In 1966 an international team, the Smallpox Eradication Unit, was formed under the leadership of an American, Donald Henderson ... Organization intensified the global smallpox eradication by contributing $2.4 million annually to the effort, and adopted the new disease surveillance method promoted by Czech epidemiologist ...
Afghan Morphine
... caused by international counter-narcotics eradication policies in Afghanistan ... the US-led international intervention in 2001 to depose the Taliban, eradication programmes have been carried out by the Afghan government and their international backers, but since 2003, opium production ... Equally, eradication and displacement has led to poverty among rural populations, as 2.9 million Afghans are involved in poppy cultivation ...
Helicobacter Pylori Eradication Protocols - Definition
... pylori eradication protocol is a treatment protocol, which ensures at least 80% H ... pylori eradication rate, is not longer than 14 days (preferably 7 or 10 days) and is not too toxic (side effects should occur in not more than 10–15% patients receiving treatment by this protocol, and should not be ... During last decades, several new eradication protocols have been developed ...
... Eradication may also refer to Genocide, the deliberate, systematic destruction of an ethnic, religious or national group of people Eradication of infectious diseases, the reduction of the global prevalence ...

Famous quotes containing the word eradication:

    As to a thorough eradication of prostitution, nothing can accomplish that save a complete transvaluation of all accepted values—especially the moral ones—coupled with the abolition of industrial slavery.
    Emma Goldman (1869–1940)