What is emotional state?

  • (noun): The state of a person's emotions (especially with regard to pleasure or dejection).
    Example: "His emotional state depended on her opinion"
    Synonyms: spirit

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ICD-10 Chapter XVIII: Symptoms, Signs And Abnormal Clinical And Laboratory Findings - R00–R69 – Symptoms and Signs - (R40–R46) Cognition, Perception, Emotional State and Behaviour
... and perceptions (R45) Symptoms and signs involving emotional state (R45.0) Nervousness (R45.1) Restlessness and agitation (R45.2) Unhappiness (R45.3) Demoralization and apathy (R45 ...
Chuck Bartowski - Character Development
... The most significant is that Chuck's emotional state will have a direct impact on the functionality of his abilities, as the modifications his father ... Schwartz and Fedak have indicated Chuck's emotional state could lead to an unpredictable and potentially dangerous response from the Intersect to those around him, and that a substantial part of the third ...
Empath - Theorists and Definition
... the two individuals." Frans de Waal "The capacity to (a) be affected by and share the emotional state of another, (b) assess the reasons for the other's state, and (c ... Eisenberg "An affective response that stems from the apprehension or comprehension of another's emotional state or condition, and that is similar to what the other person is feeling or would be expected to feel ... and feel oneself into the inner life of another person Harry Prosen "an emotional understanding which allows one as a therapist to resonate with one's patients in depth emotionally, so that it ...
Paula M. Niedenthal - Emotional Response Categorization - Emotional Response Categorization Theory - Selective Attention To Emotional Response
... and colleagues contend that while experiencing an emotional state, an individual selectively attends the response to stimuli that have greater ... These previously experienced emotional responses have a larger impact on the judgments and behaviors ... An individual experiencing a strong emotional state due to naturally occurring events will organize their perceptual and conceptual worlds differently from those in a neutral state ...

Famous quotes containing the words emotional state, state and/or emotional:

    When “reality” is sought for at large, it is without intellectual import; at most the term carries the connotation of an agreeable emotional state.
    John Dewey (1859–1952)

    However painful it may be for me to accept this conclusion, I am obliged to state it: for the black man there is only one destiny. And it is white.
    Frantz Fanon (1925–1961)

    Most people agree that men have trouble showing hurt, jealousy, and fear but even mothers, whose wider emotional range is often taken for granted, also seem more comfortable with anger than these other “unparentlike” feelings. This is probably because several generations of mothers have now been twelve-step-programmed and pop-psychologized enough to believe that expressing hurt, fear, anxiety, or dependence will create pathological guilt in their kids.
    Ron Taffel (20th century)