What is electricity?

  • (noun): Keen and shared excitement.
    Example: "The stage crackled with electricity whenever she was on it"
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Electricity is the set of physical phenomena associated with the presence and flow of electric charge. Electricity gives a wide variety of well-known effects, such as lightning, static electricity, electromagnetic induction and the flow of electrical current. In addition, electricity permits the creation and reception of electromagnetic radiation such as radio waves.

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Some articles on electricity:

2008 Zanzibar Power Blackout
... During May and June 2008, Zanzibar suffered a period of almost one month without mains electricity due to a grid failure which left the entire island dependent on alternative methods of electricity generation ... its near total dependence on the mainland for its electricity generation, and the capacity and condition of the ageing interconnector that links the mainland electricity network and the ...
Three-Day Week
... introduced in the United Kingdom by the Conservative Government 1970–1974 to conserve electricity, the production of which was severely limited due to industrial action by coal miners. 1 January until 7 March 1974 commercial users of electricity would be limited to three specified consecutive days' consumption each week and prohibited from working ... at 10.30pm during the crisis to conserve electricity ...
Negawatt - Advantages - Cost
... consumption, can earn money by selling the saved electricity ... Providers of electricity can encourage consumers to sell back their unused energy, or negawatts, especially during peak hours ... that the "cost of foregone consumption is less than the cost of increasing the supply of electricity." If a consumer conserves a substantial amount of energy then there can even be an allowance for a tax deduction ...
Electricity - Cultural Perception
... In the 19th and early 20th century, electricity was not part of the everyday life of many people, even in the industrialised Western world ... legs of dead frogs were shown to twitch on application of animal electricity ... The revitalization of monsters with electricity later became a stock theme in horror films ...
Negawatt - Advantages - Local Deregulation
... that the negawatt market could help nations or states have a deregulated electricity system ... This would allow a nation or a state to experiment with "electricity deregulation," in which "demand reductions could be purchased with a minimum of disruption to businesses, workers and the economy ... purpose of deregulation was to allow competition in the electricity market and consumer choice of electricity providers." Negawatt power would allow the consumers in a country's ...

More definitions of "electricity":

  • (noun): A physical phenomenon associated with stationary or moving electrons and protons.
  • (noun): Energy made available by the flow of electric charge through a conductor.
    Example: "They built a car that runs on electricity"
    Synonyms: electrical energy

Famous quotes containing the word electricity:

    There are two great unknown forces to-day, electricity and woman, but men can reckon much better on electricity than they can on woman.
    Josephine K. Henry, U.S. suffragist. As quoted in History of Woman Suffrage, vol. 4, ch. 15, by Susan B. Anthony and Ida Husted Harper (1902)

    Prudence and justice tell me that in electricity and steam there is more love for man than in chastity and abstinence from meat.
    Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (1860–1904)