What is El Alamein?

  • (noun): In World War II (1942); a decisive Allied victory by British troops under Montgomery over German troops under Rommel.
    Synonyms: Al Alamayn, Battle of El Alamein
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El Alamein

El Alamein (or Al Alamayn) (Arabic: العلمين‎, literally "the two flags") is a town in the northern Matrouh Governorate of Egypt. Located on the Mediterranean Sea, it lies 106 kilometres (66 mi) west of Alexandria and 240 kilometres (149 mi) northwest of Cairo. As of 2007, it has a local population of 7,397 inhabitants.

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Royal Italian Army (1940–1946) - History - History During World War II - Defeat
... The Battle of El Alamein, lasting from July to November 1942, was the turning point of the war for the Italian and British Army ... As Churchill wrote in his Memories "...before El Alamein we had only defeats, after El Alamein we had only victories..." ... After the defeat at El Alamein, the Royal Army lost Libya in a few months ...
El Alamein Fountain
... The El Alamein Memorial Fountain is a fountain and war memorial in the city of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia ... The El Alamein Fountain was commissioned as a memorial to soldiers who died in 1942 during the Second World War in two battles at El Alamein, Egypt, and was designed ...
Timeline Of World War II (1942) - October 1942
21 Heavy RAF activity over El Alamein. 23 Second Battle of El Alamein begins with massive Allied bombardment of German positions ... of war, depart Britain for Morocco Crisis at El Alamein British tanks survive German 88mm fire Montgomery orders the advance to continue despite losses ...
El Alamein - Gallery
... Cross of Sacrifice, El Alamein Commonwealth cemetery South African Memorial El Alamein Commonwealth cemetery El Alamein Commonwealth cemetery plaque- '1939–1945 The land on which this cemetery stands is the gift ...
Battle Of El Agheila - Background
... decided finally to end the desperate fighting at El Alamein and withdrew west toward Libya ... Italian forces had arrived earlier (they withdrew from El Alamein on 3–4 November) and they had formed a defensive line ... of his formations after their efforts at El Alamein and pursued mainly with the 7th Armoured Division and 4th Light Armoured Brigade ...

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  • (noun): A village west of Alexandria on the north coast of Egypt; the scene of a decisive Allied victory over the Germans in 1942.

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    This sort of thing may be tolerated by the French—but we are British, thank God.
    Bernard Law, 1st Viscount Montgomery Of Alamein Montgomery (1887–1976)